Whiteboard Poems @ NFPL / by Paul Druecke

Whiteboard Poems in the studio before they get installed at NFPL. Info below.

Nicholas Frank Public Library
Public reception Saturday, August 13, 5-8 p.m.
832 E. Chambers St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Evan Gruzis's participatory Public Paintings continue.

The NFPL's inaugural theme Inscription is expanded by welcoming Druecke's whiteboard works to the dialogue. While Gruzis’s work addresses literal inscription, Druecke's 'poems' are colorful marker drawings that chart versions of public inscription that occur over millennia, from indigenous earthworks to state-sanctioned plaques to names scrawled in wet concrete. Through his own idiosyncratic lens, and using the flattening mechanism of standard office whiteboards, Druecke considers such phenomena as an accumulated cultural inheritance. The Whiteboard Poems acknowledge our cultural patrimony as deserving of recognition, whether motivations to preserve and maintain are overtaken by forgetfulness, revisionism, development or necessity.

The Nicholas Frank Public Library is located within The Open, which is at 832 E. Chambers St., Milwaukee, WI 53212.