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Milwaukee Kitchen Season Two Ep 06 Salad Days by Paul Druecke

Recently described as “the only surrealist cooking show in the world.” In the SEASON TWO premier, Penita does a quick tally. Old School, New School, our love of pudding runs deep. Postal workers, fairies, a sweet, complicated tune. “Where does the definition of salad end?” ChefD wonders.

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Milwaukee Kitchen Viewing Party \\// Thank You! by Paul Druecke

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Woodland Pattern to help us celebrate. A delightful evening with talks/performances by Ariana Vaeth doing a live event drawing, Christina Ward on The Settlement CookbookFlora Coker and Chuck Stebelton reading from Lorine Niedecker’s A Cooking Book, and Casey Seymour performing an exquisite version of Mike the Mailman from his forthcoming album and (spoiler alert) MK’s next episode. Coming soon!