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Milwaukee Kitchen Season Two Ep 06 Salad Days by Paul Druecke

Recently described as “the only surrealist cooking show in the world.” In the SEASON TWO premier, Penita does a quick tally. Old School, New School, our love of pudding runs deep. Postal workers, fairies, a sweet, complicated tune. “Where does the definition of salad end?” ChefD wonders.

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Milwaukee Kitchen Special Episode with Scott Barton and Portia Cobb by Paul Druecke

ChefD contemplates the changing seasons when he hears a knock on the door. A Milwaukee Kitchen Special Episode with food scholar, Scott Barton, and artist, Portia Cobb. Watch for Scott’s excellent recipe for the perfect celebratory beverage.

Thanks to Portia and Scott for making time during a very busy weekend of shopping, chopping, cooking, tasting, and perfecting while preparing a harvest meal for 40 community members as part of their collaborative project, Lizzie’s Garden: The Storied Land – The Storied Plate, Thanks to Polly Morris @Lynden Sculpture Garden for always making the connections. We are grateful for the help of neighbors including all-around problem solver, Melissa Scherrer Páre.