Whiteboard Poems @ NFPL by Paul Druecke

Whiteboard Poems in the studio before they get installed at NFPL. Info below.

Nicholas Frank Public Library
Public reception Saturday, August 13, 5-8 p.m.
832 E. Chambers St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Evan Gruzis's participatory Public Paintings continue.

The NFPL's inaugural theme Inscription is expanded by welcoming Druecke's whiteboard works to the dialogue. While Gruzis’s work addresses literal inscription, Druecke's 'poems' are colorful marker drawings that chart versions of public inscription that occur over millennia, from indigenous earthworks to state-sanctioned plaques to names scrawled in wet concrete. Through his own idiosyncratic lens, and using the flattening mechanism of standard office whiteboards, Druecke considers such phenomena as an accumulated cultural inheritance. The Whiteboard Poems acknowledge our cultural patrimony as deserving of recognition, whether motivations to preserve and maintain are overtaken by forgetfulness, revisionism, development or necessity.

The Nicholas Frank Public Library is located within The Open, which is at 832 E. Chambers St., Milwaukee, WI 53212.

Time Casts @ The Luminary by Paul Druecke

The second performance of Time Is What Everyone Is Doing took place as part of Document V @ The Luminary in St. Louis. Great exhibition celebrating the five-year anniversary of Temporary Art Review. Thank you James McAnally and Sarrita Hunn. You made it look neat and orderly compared with the first iteration at Useable.

LocuStLed @Woodland Pattern | curated by Paul Druecke by Paul Druecke

LocuStLed @ Woodland Pattern -- woodlandpattern.org/events/?event=193
Your response #locustled
Messages contributed by Alec Finlay Anika Wilson Anne Bray Arijit Sen Assaf Evron Brenda Cárdenas Chuck Stebelton Dan Torop Debra Brehmer Donna Stonecipher Jason S. Yi Jennifer Delos Reyes Joshua Martin Ballew Kate Sierzputowski Margaret Noodin Martha Wilson Matt Cook Alderman Michael J. Murphy Michelle Grabner/Brad Killam Monique Meloche Nick Tobier Nirmal Raja Riverwest Coop Riverwest Yogashala Robert J. Baumann Roberto Harrison Roger White Sabina Ott Santiago Cucullu Sara Krajewski Sector 2337 Shalem Healing Inc. Stacy Szymaszek Stephanie Barber Temporary Art Review Thalia Field Theresa Columbus Thomas Hellstrom Tyanna Buie Zach Hill

LocuStLed displays messages from a curated selection of individuals via a vintage-style LED sign in the window of the Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The LED's contents will loop twenty-four hours a day, presenting a non-stop collage to the working-class neighborhood of Riverwest and the people passing through it. The project pays homage to Jenny Holzer's pioneering work with information systems.

Milwaukeeists Reading March 12 @Trinosophes, Detroit MI by Paul Druecke

Saturday March 12th 7 pm

Margaret Noodin, Chuck Stebleton, and Paul Druecke will be conducting a reading tour in the spring of 2016. The tour kicks off March 10 at Sector 2337 in Chicago and travels to Trinosophes.

Chuck Stebleton is author of two full-length collections of poetry, most recently The Platformist (Cultural Society, 2012). His first book Circulation Flowers (Tougher Disguises, 2005) was winner of the inaugural Jack Spicer Award.

Margaret Noodin is the author of Bawaajimo: A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature and Weweni, a collection of bilingual poems in Ojibwe and English published by Wayne State University.

Paul Druecke has published two books, Life and Death on the Bluffs (2014), and The Last Days of John Budgen Jr. (2010), with Green Gallery Press. Druecke's work was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.